With a little hope and a lot of inspiration people can accomplish amazing things in life. Between New Jersey and New York City the stories can be endless. The legendary music industry artists of modern times are in a pack of performing and recording artists like never seen before. The massive pull toward the industry of music has always been one that’s alluring. The passion and time one must invest to achieve the quintessential quintessence of artistries finest productions can come with the reflection of our times. If we are to reflect this December on 2017 it’s a year of liberation and nuances that come with the awareness of a world never more advanced by technology to date. There are historic songs that are written within the ups and downs of our emotional balance. As for a few professionals in the music industry? Absolutely!

A story out of Emerson New Jersey, where a previous Paramus native sees Bergen County a place of opportunity to defy uniquely unsurmountable odds, in Daddy Kid.

Who is Daddy Kid?

“I created the Daddy Kid album Powers of Ten to reinvent my image. Honestly it’s easier to carry a flash drive and a microphone than a band set up. I wanted to create music that inspired people to dance. I wanted to provide lyrics that could create a positive and up-lifting effect on the listener. I wanted to diversify with ten songs created to display the ability to create a presentable image. I created Daddy Kid Powers of Ten for fans that appreciate music.”

What is the song “Want To Smash” about?

“Want to smash is a song that was written about content.”

( Find the full explanation and content blog WantToSmash.com )

What’s the song Daddies Kids about?

“It’s about assembling social media friends to share content generated for vLog’s and the Daddy Kid experience. Daddies Kids is my fam. I am Daddy Kid.”

“What’s the expected release date of the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album?”

“The release date of the album is expected January 1st 2018.”

Presenting an album on the first day of the year places the music in a limited field of music producers. The advantage is 365 days in one year to accumulate as many Spotify spins as possible. The music is also being distributed to iTunes, and other online music stores.

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