Daddy Kid Releases Lyric Videos On YouTube Including The Song Daisy Dukes


Read about the story of Daisy Dukes and find out what inspirations are behind the music.

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Daddy Kid is a music producer that grew up in New York City Inwood Manhattan. While living in NYC Christian Sutter was provided with a number o music influences. Sutter is traditionally a performing acoustic guitarist singer. The music industry has been propelled by connectivity of the internet offering the ability to traverse genres. The independent recording artist, and recording studio audio engineer, had a little help from his brother when mixing the Power’s of Ten album. The two brothers would move the Paramus New Jersey as teenagers. Both are very talented musicians. Christian’s songwriting will often first release on the official CTSUTTER website or his personal Steemit account. (This post will be shared with the @Steempress-io WordPress Plugin SteemPress and can be found @Sutter on @Steemit.) The Powers of Ten album released on New Years Day January 1st 2018. The Daddy Kid album’s most popular song on Spotify is Want To Smash. The “website developer” side of Christian Sutter created for the flagship song off the album.

I wanted to make an album that provided listeners with a sense of positive reinforcement to enter their daily lives. Have you ever had a song stick in your head?  If you understand the scientific explanation behind music’s recall’s in the mind. Than, you understand why it’s valuable to have music that provides positive recalls. When you listen to this album and come to enjoy the song Daisy Dukes. What will happen? You may be reminded every time you see someone walking in a pair of Daisy Dukes. Our minds are powerful and it’s important to fill our mind with positivity. Today’s world has created a suicide epidemic that reflects alarming statistics in America. I suffered from depression. Today, I’ve come to learn that the suffering was due to suggestion. Everything I took into my life at the darkest of times was telling me harmful things. I threw out my television and vowed to be selective with the content I reviewed. When answering the question; “Why am I depressed?” I found the answers were because I was telling myself harmful things. The things I told myself weren’t what I believed about myself. I was pressed to challenge my inner monologue. Each time I thought something harmful, I elected to tell myself something more positive. I used to wake up and be depressed. I began capturing the feeling and forcing myself to tell the truth; “I am beautiful. People enjoy my company. Someone in the world is waiting to marry me. I love myself. And, others love me too.” This form of thought has been worked into the suggestion existing in the Daddy Kid album. In the song Daisy Dukes I was reflecting on past poverty. I was in a live stream, and someone mentioned that they were poor. And, that’s why their best pair of shorts was cut off jeans. The summer brings Daisy Dukes out! They aren’t a symbol of poverty. I wanted to save the image for the young girl that was stricken by what she believed to be poverty. “She was wearing daisy dukes looking like a Queen!” I laughed about the concept. I know that no one would think to show up to visit the Royal Family in Daisy Dukes. But, if it was all they had to wear. I didn’t want that category of people to fail to see their Royals. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are notoriously reported in consideration to fashion selection. The Duchess of Sussex was heckled for failing to wear pantyhose within the presence of the Royal Family. However, it didn’t stop the Duke of Sussex from taking her hand in marriage. Therefore the line in Daisy Dukes that expresses the general Royal Fashion minimum for acceptability becomes; “Girls couldn’t compete without daisy dukes and stockings.” was an early lyric. I’m influenced by everything I review. I want to influence people to live a long, and happy life. Before the wedding I knew the Royal pantyhose rule. I have an idea to do artistic works on pantyhose with a website of it’s own. My music is my first interest when defining my celebrity to the world.


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Posted by Daddy Kid Powers of Ten on Tuesday, December 12, 2017


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